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Maximizing FORM our 90º flip on Barre gets the result you want in a fast paced 45-minutes while targeting core and lumbar extensors to upload hips and strengthen posture musculature. Not all dancer's workouts are created equal. BARRE90º creates athletic posture for high performance lifestyles.

Combining our signature static core engagement, posterior power focused exercises and movements designed to sculpt lean muscle, BARRE90º regenerates athletic posture muscles in and around the shoulder girdle, core and hip complex that are known to atrophy from extensive sitting. Get in, get out and get back to the grind with BARRE90º.

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Vertical Restore

Vertical Method Pilates Barre Posture Fitness Classes Group Exercise Burn Bar Dance San Francisco Patent-pending Posture Equipment


"If you don't workout standing, you are not utilizing your time." Our standing strength training builds athletic alignment while reversing tech neck and slouching before it starts. Core control is the byproduct of static core endurance. We stack posture blocks from the ground up, strengthen corset stabilizers through standing engagement then activate posterior power. In short, we build it, strengthen it and power it up.

What you create with VertiSTRONG will improve all your future workouts! Run, jump, sit, stand at your vertical max with our challenging 1-hour signature class that targets underutilized muscle groups inhibited during conventional workouts. Resistance and assistance expertly designed to sculpt athletic posture and maximize your high performance lifestyle through your body's natural design.

Classpass June 2016 blog says "If you love Pilates, but also like bootcamps, this might be the perfect spot for you."  VertiSTRONG is more functional than Pilates, more joint focused than a bootcamp, and guaranteed to recruit muscles you didn't know you had.

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