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Jennifer Davis

founder & creator of VertiBAR™ by Vertical Method

“Posture was always necessary. Now, posture is sexy and appealing to the 1st generation in real danger of losing it," says founder Jennifer Davis.

Vertical Method turned posture building groupX into modern core fitness. "I created a static core endurance workout that strengthens stabilizers and generates posterior power, utilizing standing proprioceptive feedback to maximize the posture benefits of Pilates, strength-training, gyrokinesis, yoga and barre, designed to target urban professionals. Our clients feel they can run and jump with greater agility and control as well as sit and stand while uploading hips and back. Because of Vertical Method they perform better in their boot camp, yoga, Pilates and barre classes. I am certain that posture is the future of core fitness,” says Davis.

Back pain is a billion dollar industry. Low back pain among the young and fit is common since binge sitting creates significant weakness and atrophy in lumbar extensor muscles. Vertical Method’s high performance posture building groupX is one-of-a-kind.

In 2013 Davis launched the stealth startup and patent-pending VertiBAR™ in a SF dance studio and received an unprecedented response from both men and women in the young tech community. In 2014 she opened next door to SoulCycle in SF's Marina District to confirm the physical imbalance between a career in tech and the cardio trend. Today, dubbed “No Slouch Zone” the boutique brand is thriving. 

"The VertiBAR™ has extensive application in multiple demographics as both dynamic groupX and as essential fitness equipment on the training room floor. Beginning 2015 we installed VertiBAR™ stations in both Pilates and physical therapy studios in Boulder CO. and the feedback is compelling. No wearable tech, brace, chair, strap or device can replace the posture endurance, strength and power created by Vertical Method.”